The art of bonsai

Bonsai is a form of art that requires the artist to train a small tree that is grown in a pot to resemble a much larger tree the way it would grow in nature. However, the branches have to be trimmed out so that an imaginary bird could make their way through the branches if it were to fly through. Errol Rubin, a bonsai expert stated that you cannot compare bonsai to more traditional forms of art like sculpting or painting because bonsai is a piece of work that is never completed since it will continue to grow and live as long as you cultivate it.

Bonsia is something that is meant to be admired for its beauty, but the fundamental reason to engage in this type of art form is because it helps the artist grow much more aware of growth and evolution which are two things that bind the entire human race together. Of course, the same way that there are various levels of attachment to art forms there are various ways that people connect to bonsai as an art form. Those that cultivate bonsai are said to adhere to the basic rules while also being fascinated with the new concepts that they discover.

Cape Bonsia Kai specialist Tony Bent stated that a bonsai artist knows the discipline that is required to create true bonsai and then rejects or accepts new ideas as they occur to him or her and balances the new techniques and guidelines as they emerge. The best way to gain more information is by listening to lectures and attending demonstrations that help with the basic horticultural principles. Of course, the real learning starts once the artist gets their hands dirty in the creation and sees what type of art they can create.