The beauty of bonsai

Not only are bonsai trees a thing of real beauty that are great conversation starters, they are also an absorbing and incredibly satisfying hobby. Although you can buy ready trimmed bonsai’s, growing and trimming your own is great fun. This isn’t as complicated as it seems either as when you buy a bonsai starter kit you get full instructions and even the tools needed are supplied. One thing that isn’t supplied, however, is patience, and this is a must with this hobby.

These miniature trees were originally meant to form a means of contemplation for the onlooker and to encourage ingenuity and effort from the grower. The name bonsai comes from the small pot the are placed in, the bon, and in the west the term bonsai is essentially an umbrella term for all manner of miniature trees. There is a general misconception that only certain trees are suitable for bonsai when in fact almost all perennial shrubs or trees with woody stems can be turned into bonsai’s.

There are certain species that are favoured over others however simply due to their natural characteristics. The fir, trident maple and Japanese maple are particular favourites due to the size and shape of their leaves and in the latter its delicate pink colour. They are also pliable in that growers can use the twines to twist the branches to grow in the required shape and direction with very little trouble.

There is something very relaxing about both growing and admiring bonsai’s, and it is little wonder they have become so popular in the west where the majority live our lives at 100mph. If you are interested in taking up this fascinating art, as it has to be described as that, buying a ready made one to practice on and admire while you wait for yours to grow is a good idea as it will help to see a finished product to give you patience and motivation to keep going.