What is Bonsai?

Bonsai is the art of growing trees or sometimes wooded plants that resemble large trees within the house. For this reason the art form is known as indoor bonsai since each indoor bonsai tree starts with bonsai seeds.

At times bonsai is referred to as dwarfing but technically Japanese bonsai should not be thought of this way since it does not require genetically altered trees, but instead is dependent on growing an bonsai tree from normal seeds and stock that stay small by the way they are grown.

Most people choose to learn how to grow a bonsai garden because they enjoy looking at the plants such as the juniper bonsai, bonsai Chinese elm, and juniper bonsai tree because it is a mix of ingenuity and extensive efforts.

Those who want to start growing an indoor bonsai tree will first need to find a bonsai for sale, bonsai pots, and for beginners a bonsai how to guide. In order for a bonsai tree to be grown correctly one must learn the following procedures: leaf trimming, pruning, grafting, wiring, clamping, deadwood, and defoliation.

Each of these techniques keeps a bonsai tree from growing too large and also allows it to be formed into a design. Due to the fact that commercial bonsai trees sell well, there are many people who grow bonsai because people like to look at the pleasant trees and often consider them to be aesthetic display items for the home.

There are many problems however with purchasing pre-grown bonsai trees and bonsai plants due to the fact they are raised in other climates outside of the country, which can create problems with the plants surviving.

For this reason it is generally a better idea to purchase bonsai trees for sale from a local plant nursery within your home country.