Why are festivals so popular in the UK?

Despite the weather being temperamental, the mud knee-high and sleeping arrangements being few and far between, festivals in the UK continue to strive. Here’s why.

The music

Obviously, it’s the music that really draws festival-goers to these events. For some it’s the sound of escapism, for others it’s rock ‘n’ roll. One thing’s for sure; the number of UK festivals has ballooned over the past few years, bringing in millions for the economy.

Something for all

Today’s festivals have something to suit all; regardless of age or taste. From family-orientated affairs to the soft sounds of jazz and adult-only events, there’s a wide selection to choose from!

If you’ve just moved into a McCarthy and Stone retirement home then you can guarantee the area has its very own annual festival to look forward too.

A theory to think about

Festivals are, to many people, the British equivalent of the American theme park. They are a celebration of what we love as a nation and also, what makes us British. As a country we’re renowned for our musical talent and festivals are a celebration of this in all its guises.

One thing many love about a festival is the fact that it offers an opportunity to suspend reality and live like young adults for the weekend. The shared experience of watching a great performance is enough on its own.

The build up

From the build up, to the revealing of the line-up to the counting down the days until the event takes place, there’s a lot to love about the humble festival. It’s also a chance to don some funky hued wellies and forget about the mundane chores of everyday life for a moment.

Important things to remember

When booking tickets for a festival, it’s important to remember to choose an event that plays your kind of music. Otherwise, the muddy field may not seem so appealing anymore!

Packing wisely is another must, swap heels for flats and don’t forget your waterproofs – there’s nothing worse that being rained on when you have no place to get dry.

Alternative options

Camping in a tent isn’t the only option available when it comes to festival sleeping arrangements. More and more venues are introducing ‘glamping’ – a stylish camping alternative that allows you to take advantage of a real bed for the evening. If you don’t fancy either of these options, simply buy a day pass and return to your own home at the end of the day. Perfect.